Pink Loerie Foundation

The main purpose of Pink Loerie Foundation is to assist the greater Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex and Ally (LGBTQIA+) community, in supporting causes and charitable events, providing education and awareness programs including tourism, and creating an ethos of care within the community and beyond and raising awareness of the long-term, damaging effects of bullying, all forms of violence and hate crimes including corrective rape.

To achieve its objectives, the organisation will mainly rely on sponsorship and donation income from the public and corporate sector.

The organisation value the use of sport, workshops, spectacle, pageantry, theatre, creativity, recreation, music, design, multi-media, and other forms of artistic expression, to create LGBTQIA+ awareness/celebration, eliminate stigma and promote pride-consciousness as a philosophy for living and being well.

To be an innovative and effective agent of social and economic change, focused on improving lives and creating opportunities in the communities we serve.